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New, from Baller TV:

—> BallerTV is offering promotional code “RMR2020” through this Friday to all RMR members (new or existing customers)

—> the promo code brings their regular pricing down to:

$96 Annual  (4 simultaneous viewers, 4 free downloads, discounted “highlight films”)

$40 Quarterly  (1 viewer, 1 free download)

$20 Monthly (1 viewer, 1 free download)

(Sorry: BallerTV is not supporting single-event memberships in any sport this year)

All memberships include unlimited viewing of any event for duration of membership

BallerTV is very excited about their new highlight-film production: Give it a try!

Look for several “promotional offers” through the season

—> Information and live coupon is available on RMR website for parents!


Sunday Power Tournaments Livestreams will be available at approximately 7:50am for a fee of $5 for all day access. Click on the Court you wish to stream and follow the paywall prompts.

Lives Scores are also available. Go to Video then “Power Tournament Live Scores”