Club Fees 2019-2020

due by the 10th

of every month


PAYMENTS are due on the 10th of every month Starting in September

**Tryouts are NON-REFUNDABLE**

15's Black

16's Black

17's Black &18's Black 

Teams $2850.00 (consists of 9-12 players)

Payment 1 $400.00

Payment 2 $400.00

Payment 3 $400.00

Payment 4$350.00

Payment 5 $400.00

Payment 6 $400.00

14's Black/ 16's White Teams$1950.00

Payment 1 $325.00

Payment 2 $325.00

Payment 3 $325.00

Payment 4 $325.00

Payment 5 $325.00

Payment 6 $325.00

FEES INCLUDE(are estimated)

  • Clinic Fees (referee/scorekeeper requirements per team)

  • Administrative Fees 

  • Website 

  • Gym Facility Usage  

  • Uniform Package

  • Staff salaries

  • Equipment

  • RMR Tournaments entry fees

  •  3 day Tournament  entry fees

  • Out of State qualifiers 2/3 for Black team 1 for White teams

  • Possible AAU  or Nationals NOT INCLUDED TBA

**Ground fees for ALL 3 day tournaments in state and  out of state travel expenses: Airfare, food, club transportation, & hotel are NOT included in these fees.

*** Uniform Package includes:

3 jerseys, 1 spandex, 1 pair of running shorts,warm ups, warm up tee, 1 pairs of socks, backpack with # and logo NOW Adding knee pads .

All athletes must register online with RMR and pay the $55 registration fee before being able to participate in ANY club volleyball tryout. This fee is NOT included in the Sudden Impact VBC dues. However, if an athlete does not make any club team they may contact Rocky Mountain Region directly for a partial refund.