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Fees 23-24

Sudden Impact Volleyball Club offers programs for many different age levels. We plan on offering programs for:

Girls 12U–18U

Boys 12U-18U

Program prices may vary based on age groups:

National Programs:

  • Cost/Teams/Ages:  $2850.00 for Girls National Teams 14U-18U

  • Cost/Teams/Ages:  $2750.00 for Girls National Girls 18U

  • Cost/Teams Ages:  $ TBA for Boys National Boy 12U-18U

Regional Programs:

  • Cost/Teams/Ages: $1250.00.00 for Girls 13U

  • Cost/Teams/Ages: $1100.00 for Girls 12U

  • Cost/Teams/Ages: $1000.00 for Girls 13U&14U


  • Season from November thru March/April; June for national teams.

  • 2 practices a week

  • Scrimmage play begins in December

  • Tournament play begins in January

  • College recruiting assistance by request – additional cost

Your program dues cover:

  • Tournament entry fees

  • Practice facility expenses

  • Uniform package example (Items may vary by programs)

    • 2 Game jerseys (3 jerseys for National teams)

    • 1 pair of black spandex

    • 1 warmup top pants included for National teams

    • 1 practice T-Shirt

    • 1 pair of socks

    • 1 pair of kneepads

    • Backpack


  • Coach salary, hotel stays and travel stipend

  • Coaches Education & Membership fees

  • Insurance

  • Volleyball Equipment

  • Administrative fees and supplies

Additional fees that will be covered by the player:

  • Travel expenses, including hotel, food and transportation (Ground fees)

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