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Out of State Travel:

  • Information for all travel trips can be found on our website under the “travel” tab

  • If there is no information posted about flights or hotels – that is because they have not been booked yet.  As soon as we book – we will update the website

  • Players are not required to fly with the team.  However, if a player does not travel with the team, a parent or adult guardian will need to fly with the player and arrange to get the player to the hotel to meet up with the team.  No players are allowed to fly by themselves.

  • If you would like to use miles for your daughters’ ticket – you will need to purchase that ticket on your own

  • Airfare is round trip only.  We are not able to purchase one-way tickets so if you are not able to fly both ways with the team – you will need to purchase that ticket on your own

  • Parents are more than welcome to travel on the same flight as the team and stay in the same hotel however you will need to book your own travel arrangements.   We do not book any hotel blocks or airfare for parents (however sometimes I have extra airline tickets on the team flights).  If I do have left over tickets – I will send an email out and then it is first come, first served.  PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME AND ASK TO BE PUT ON A LIST IF TICKETS BECOME AVAILABLE. 

  • Ground fees include the following:

    • Hotel for players

    • Hotel for coaches

    • Hotel for chaperone

    • Transportation

    • Airfare for the coaches

    • Airfare for the chaperone

    • Parking

    • Gas

    • Per diems for coaches

    • Food for players

  • Activities (if the team is planning on any) are an additional expense.  The chaperone will collect money prior to the trip to cover these costs for players.  

  • If you are interested in being a chaperone for your team – please contact your director. 

  • In general parents and relatives are welcome to participate with the coaches and athletes at team dinners and activities.  However, meals or activities with parents or family are not allowed as the athletes are the responsibility of the chaperones for the duration of the travel trip.

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