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Our MISSION and our goal of Sudden Impact VBC is to develop respect, discipline, commitment, skill, and a life-long love of and involvement in the sport of volleyball. Sudden Impact VBC teams, coaches, players, and parents will emphasize the spirit of volleyball - Competition, Camaraderie, Cooperation and Teamwork.  While we seek to develop technical and tactical volleyball skills, we further strive to instill exemplary values in our teams that will transcend volleyball.

Why play club volleyball?

During the past decade club volleyball has expanded and reached incredible heights not only with the number of girls participating but in the extreme high levels of play. School ball no longer is able to provide the ultimate levels of competition. Club volleyball enables young women to improve their skill levels faster and at much younger ages. There’s not just one reason to play club volleyball. Younger players have generally been exposed to volleyball in school or Cara and are looking to learn the fundamentals of the game, while middle school players may be looking to play in a more competitive environment. As players enter high school, some players may find that it is more competitive to make their high school team and need the additional training of club volleyball. While other high school players may find that their specific high school environment is not strong and desire the more competitive play of club volleyball. Club volleyball can also provide exposure for players looking to play in college, much more so than high school programs. Large regional and national tournaments allow for college coaches to view multiple players at one event, so much of the recruiting is done at such tournaments. Additionally, players that are interested can attend recruiting showcase and combine events for exposure to college coaches.

Why play at Sudden Impact Volleyball Club?

We approach things a little differently than other clubs in the area. First and foremost, we care about your daughter, and we want to get to know her as a player and person. She will not just be a number with Sudden Impact but a valued member of a close knit volleyball family. Sudden Impact does not just focus on its elite teams. Rather, our mission is to work hard so that your daughter has a positive experience and develops as a player no matter what skill level. Our Directors are accessible to you and are invested in the success of our teams, our coaches and our players. We would be honored for your family to join ours!

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